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Your Complete Chiropractic Solution in Macarthur

Make The First Step TODAY!

The truth is there is no “one size fits all” approach to health. You are unique. Why would your health care be any different?

Here at Seriously Chiropractic, our ONE mission is to provide holistic, and bespoke chiropractic care to Macarthur that is evidence-based, dynamic, and tailor-made to achieve the best you.

Dr Sebastian Cook sitting across from smiling female client

Our Promise To You:

"To provide Macarthur the gold standard of spinal health treatment you deserve and the health education of tomorrow, today."

Dr Sebastian Cook shaking hands with older male client

No Gimmicks. No Tricks. Just Answers!

We empower you with optimal treatments and guidance to achieve your individual health goals and match your expectations on your timeline.

Quite simply, Seriously Chiropractic is your number one individualised chiropractic solution in Macarthur.

So, what are you waiting for? Seriously!


Our Chiropractic Services.

Dr Sebastian Cook Administering Spinal Manipulation Therapy On Another Man's Back Laying On His Side

Spinal Manipulative Technique

The primary tool used by chiropractors as part of chiropractic therapy, combining multiple schools of philosophy including Diversified and Gonstead technique.

Dr Sebastian Cook performing rehabilitation exercise on woman laying down with legs in air

Rehab & Recovery

An essential component in all chiropractic treatments. A personalised injury recovery plan designed to be completed at home or in your workplace.

Close up of single dry needle penetrating skin with black gloves in forefront

Dry Needling

A modern tool used for trigger point therapy to release skeletal muscle, speed tissue healing, improve tissue mobility, and reduce joint dysfunction.

Dr Sebastian Cook Administering Low-Force Chiropractic Therapy On Woman laying Down

Low-Force Chiropractic Therapy

Spinal and joint mobilisations, pelvic-blocking and ancillary techniques, such as Activator®. A gentler approach to care for cases such as pregnancy or children.

Woman's head laying down and Dr Sebastian Cook performing soft-tissue and muscle release on her lower back

Soft Tissue & Muscle Release

Deep tissue release modalities guided towards myofascial relaxation, trigger point therapy and in conjunction with Spinal Manipulative Therapy.

Shirtless man smiling while Dr Sebastian Cook applies green camouflage tape to his left shoulder

Kinesio Taping®

Using RockTape®, Kinesio Taping® is the use of stretchy tape applied to the skin, enabling improved blood flow, tissue glide, and pain reduction.

Dr Sebastian Cook smiling, sitting at hi desk

Meet Dr. Sebastian Cook.

Nothing Less Than Expert Local Chiropractic Care

Dr. Sebastian Cook (BMedHlthSci (UOW), MChiro (MQ)) is proudly born and raised in Camden, NSW.


Practicing quality chiropractic care since 2018, Dr. Sebastian's passion for helping people and enriching lives has led to 100's of satisfied patients across the Macarthur region and growing.

"I am not here to waste your time, your money, or your effort. My promise is to always remain transparent, authentic, and professional." 

Discover the SERIOUS change at
Seriously Chiropractic!

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So, what are you waiting for? Make the SERIOUS change in your medical health journey and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sebastian Cook TODAY!

Close up of a black stethoscope wrapped in a circle on a table

Initial Consultation

First time? Welcome! Let's get you on your way to a new YOU!

Close up on man's hands on another man's left shoulder laying down

Standard Consultation

Standard session for all current patients.

Clipboard with ornate black and writing drawing of skull and spine

Extended Consultation

A premium consult for targeted treatments and greater comfort.

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