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Dry Needling

A modern tool used for trigger point therapy to release skeletal muscle, speed tissue healing, improve tissue mobility, and reduce joint dysfunction.


Dry Needling is a modern approach to myofascial release technique. A fine acupuncture needle is inserted into the skin and the muscle to release myofascial trigger points (MTrP’s or “knots”). These are banded, hypersensitive areas of muscle that have developed over time due to muscle inactivity, injury, compensation, and joint or spinal dysfunction. The pain itself is caused by loss of blood flow to the muscle, causing ischaemic pain.

Dry Needling attempts to:

- Create a Localised Twitch Response (LTR), a neurological reaction to the insertion of the needle that decreases pain causing a chemical reaction in the area around the trigger point
- Produce a localised stretch of the muscle, improving the muscle length. This allows the muscle to contract more effectively for efficient muscle strength and conditioning
- Resetting of the receptors in the muscle, to reduce chronic sensitisation of the nervous system that tends to be involved with MTrP’s

Seriously Chiropractic uses both Sensei and Hwato Needles as part of their care.

If you have any more queries regarding Dry Needling, please contact Seriously Chiropractic.

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