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Meet Dr. Sebastian

The Chiropractor, The Teacher & The Comedian (sort of!)

Raised in the Macarthur Region, young Dr. Sebastian Cook aspired to the career of a fighter pilot. This was a short-lived aspiration when he found himself later in life too tall for the cockpit by the 10th grade. With his career in the skies firmly dashed, Dr. Sebastian turned his sights to one of his greatest passions and joys in life: helping people.

All great journeys begin with a single step, leading Sebastian to the University of Wollongong to complete his Medical and Health Science training in 2014. Later, he would go on to complete his Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University in 2017.

“Chiropractic offered me a meaningful understanding of anatomy, neurophysiology, and pathophysiology along with a great work-life balance that I had never thought to find in health-care.”

Since then, Sebastian began proudly practicing in Macarthur in 2018. Unsatisfied with the status quo in the chiropractic field, Dr. Sebastian has always aimed for a unique and tailored approach to his practice. He also found the value of taking the time to listen and carefully consider each patient's individual needs to ensure the best long-term health outcomes possible.

"Ever since beginning practice, I have come to understand and respect the frustration when a patient feels not heard, especially when it comes to their health."

Since 2019, Dr. Sebastian has furthered his love for chiropractic education when he was invited to join the Chiropractic Department at Macquarie University as an Assistant Clinical Supervisor. This has enabled him to remain up to date with the latest literature and clinical standards for treatment.

“My greatest privilege as a teacher is the opportunity to give back to the profession that has given me so much, to pass down my experience to students, and, in doing so, hope that they may also find their passion for chiropractic too.”

Outside of the clinic and the tertiary classroom, Dr. Sebastian is passionate about educating the local area and the greater public on the importance of holistic spinal health. He has attended local schools to speak to students about spinal health awareness, reinforced the importance of balance and strength for the elderly in Macarthur-based retirement villages, and discussed the importance of men’s mental health at local Men’s Shed centres.


Seb (as he often goes by when clinic hours are over) is an avid lover of all things “nerdy”, whether it be Marvel, video games, or professional wrestling. In amongst his busy schedule, he insists on finding time to exercise regularly and incorporating much of the healthy living practices he teaches in his everyday life. 

Dr Sebastian Cook profile headshot
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