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Here at Seriously Chiropractic, we LOVE questions! In fact, we encourage it!


Take a look through the most frequently asked questions related to your appointment, chiropractic treatments, therapy outcomes, spinal health conditions, and common complaints often addressed in our clinic.


Can't find the answers you are looking for? Contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP!

  • Is chiropractic treatment covered under Medicare?
    Chiropractic treatment is NOT covered under Medicare unless you have been given an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan for Allied Health Services from your General Practitioner (GP).
  • What do I bring to my appointment?
    ​Please make sure to bring the following: Appropriate Clothing: Men: Shorts/sport shorts and shirt/t-shirt that makes skin contact easy Women: Shorts/leggings and singlet/sports bra Any queries regarding clothing choice feel free to CONTACT Seriously Chiropractic ASAP for clarification Private Health Care Card: We support HICAPS so please bring this to your appointment Any Supporting Health Documentation: Imaging, medical reports etc. that you feel may be important towards your individual health care needs COVID Safe Check-In: Remember your mask and mobile phone for easy COVID-safe check-in to the premise
  • Can I be treated during pregnancy?
    Absolutely! Dr. Sebastian can provide care during and post-partum, particularly in the management of lower back and pelvic girdle pain.
  • Can kids (0-17 years) have chiropractic care?
    Sure can! Dr Sebastian can provide chiropractic care for kids of ages two and above. If you are seeking more information regarding chiro for kids, click HERE.
  • What is the “cracking” sound?
    The most popular question in the clinic! Between your spinal joints is fluid, to be specific synovial fluid. Within this, dissolved gas (mainly nitrogen) exists. As the joints are moved rapidly with Spinal Manipulative Therapy, it creates a vacuum that leads to a release of the gas. The noise/click or "pop" sound as the gas escapes the joint is what we call cavitation. It is dependent on speed, as you can only reach cavitation with high velocity spinal adjustments rather than using slower joint mobilisations.
  • How long will I need to see you for?
    During your appointment, Dr. Sebastian will go through your treatment plan in which he will discuss your treatment and how long your recovery may be. Chiropractic Care is not designed to be “forever” care, we want to see you back on your feet at optimal health. However, many clients opt to visit regularly for ongoing maintenance care as desired and/or required.
  • Will I receive any pharmaceuticals to aid with my recovery?
    No, pharmaceuticals will not be administered at Seriously Chiropractic. However, in some cases, ‘Anti-Inflammatory’ (both natural and pharmaceutical) medications may be required to aid pain management. This will be discussed in your care with Dr. Sebastian.
  • Do I need X-Ray/CT/MRI imaging before starting treatment?
    Absolutely not. It is becoming increasingly accepted amongst physical therapists to avoid taking x-rays and/or imaging prior to starting treating unless it is warranted. This is due to recent studies suggestive of poorer patient outcomes associated with early imaging. As a precautionary means prior to treatment, cases requiring medical imaging may include: Trauma/injury Severe degeneration Advanced age Other certain health concerns (e.g. cancer) Medical imaging is not always reflective of patient symptoms but may be used if necessary to guide their recovery. If you have any information regarding imaging, please discuss this with Dr. Sebastian as part of your care.
  • Do you offer HICAPS services for onsite rebates for Private Health Funds?
    Yes, we have HICAPS at the Seriously Chiropractic clinic to complete private health fund rebates in-house.
  • Do you work with other health professionals?
    Certainly do! Dr. Sebastian often works alongside General Practitioners and specialists, as well as Allied Health practitioners including Nutritionists, Podiatrists, and Exercise Physiologists as part of multi-modal care. If you are currently seeing any of the above, please make Dr. Sebastian aware as part of your care.
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