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Kinesio Taping®

Using RockTape®, Kinesio Taping® is the use of stretchy tape applied to the skin, enabling improved blood flow, tissue glide, and pain reduction.


At Seriously Chiropractic, we offer Kinesio Taping® as part of the chiropractic care. Dr. Sebastian is a certified RockTape® clinician, or RocDoc, and uses it as part of his treatment choice.

The goals of taping include:
- Stabilising or supporting through a condition or injury
- Prevent reoccurrence of the previous injury
- Pain reduction by de-loading an affected joint
- Help facilitate normal movement of a joint, functional pattern or postural support

Variations of taping have been shown to also help with lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling/oedema, and increased blood flow.

If you have any more queries regarding Kinesio Taping®, please contact Seriously Chiropractic.

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