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Rehab & Recovery

An essential component in all chiropractic treatments. A personalised injury recovery plan designed to be completed at home or in your workplace.


A pivotal part of chiropractic care provided at Seriously Chiropractic. It has been well demonstrated in current literature that Spinal Manipulative Technique is most effective in treatment of conditions including non-specific lower back and neck pain in conjunction with targeted and specific rehabilitation and recovery.

As part of your treatment. Dr. Sebastian will construct your personalised at-home or at-work prescription including:
- Details regarding your diagnosis
- Static and Dynamic Stretches
- Strengthening and Conditioning
- Balance and Proprioceptive Exercises
- Workplace Ergonomic Advice and Training

All of which you can access at your fingertips to visualise your required exercise and ask questions remotely if you are having issues with your program using the Rehab My Patient© software.

If you have any more queries regarding Rehab & Recovery, please contact Seriously Chiropractic.

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